Our Recruitment Process

At Peet, our recruitment process is thorough and two-way.  We aim to learn as much about you as we can, while also providing you with an understanding about Peet and what it would be like to be a part of our team.

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First interview

First interviews will usually be with the hiring manager and another Peet team member. At this stage in the process, we will generally focus on gaining a solid understanding of your experience, as well as describing the company, the role and the culture in more detail.

Harrison assessment

The Harrison Assessment is an online work preferences questionnaire.  We use the results to help us understand your preferred work style as well as how we could make best use of your strengths and natural preferences.  This allows your manager greater insight into you as a person and what motivates you.  

Second interview

The second interview is generally an opportunity for us to share your Harrison Assessment results with you and have a more detailed discussion about how you like to work, how your style might fit with your manager’s style and how your style would fit the role and Peet.


Following a successful second interview, we will ask your permission to speak with two of your nominated employment referees.

Intention of Offer

Any offer of employment by Peet will be made in writing and either emailed directly to you or via a recruitment consultant.  The Intention of Offer outlines the conditions that would be contained in the Employment Agreement.

Employment agreement

Should you receive and accept an Intention of Offer from Peet, we would progress immediately to the contract stage, and issue your Agreement the same day where possible.  Initially we would email the document to you, with a hard copy to follow in the mail.
If you’re keen to work with us, contact our Human Resources team.