Peet Limited and its communities across Australia support a wide range of not-for-profits, industry and community-based organisations and activities. 

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We receive many requests for sponsorship and each request is carefully assessed and judged on its own merits. 
All applicants are required to complete an Application Form and are encouraged to refer to the Sponsorship Guidelines in the preparation of the application.
Peet Limited is active in Western Australia, Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales and views favourably organisations and projects that focus on:
  • environmental sustainability;
  • family and community-based activities;
  • educational opportunities;
  • youth development programs;
  • sport; and
  • the arts.
Sponsorship funding will generally not be made available for:
  • organisations which do not align with Peet’s values;
  • political campaigns or lobbying groups;
  • individuals pursuing personal activities;
  • businesses or individuals seeking sponsorship for commercial related matters; and/or
  • organisations seeking sponsorship for religious purposes.
For more information, contact the Peet Community Information Line on 1800 819 912 or