Couple “wings it” and bags a beauty at Avon Ridge

August 2014

Two impulsive decisions and a stroke of luck have landed Jenny Barratt-Jones and her husband Pete at the place they’re now planning to settle down, raise a family and call home.
They’re preparing to build their first home at Peet Limited’s Avon Ridge community in Brigadoon, and say they’ll be staying there forever.
The couple emigrated from the United Kingdom in 2012, with just 15 kilos of luggage each, looking for a change from their hectic work schedules.  Pete, especially, wanted to break away from his long hours as a sound engineer for mainstream artists such as mega star Elton John; West End theatre shows; the London Olympic Games; and corporate conferences.
“We had never been to Perth before and decided to totally wing it. We sold absolutely everything and hopped on a plane with just one bag each,” Jenny remembers. “It wasn’t scary, it was liberating.”
Moving into a flat in Wembley, Jenny (29) and Pete (30) soon began scouring the local property market to find somewhere to build their first home, including new subdivisions on Perth’s urban fringe north and south of the river.
“We looked at a whole range of other housing options including the cheap and cheerful, and smaller, expensive blocks on the coast. But we just couldn’t do it – why would you buy second best when you can have it all in Avon Ridge?”
In the end, it was a random stroke of luck that took them to Avon Ridge. Jenny and Pete discovered their new home on a spontaneous weekend drive through the Swan Valley.  It took just one look to realise they “had to live there”.
“Our block has incredible views of the valley – Pete has some cracking photos of Jumbuck Hill and Walyunga National Park. Soon that’ll be the view from our living room.
“Avon Ridge has given us an opportunity to buy something we could never afford in Europe. To think we own it, a little bit of Australia, it’s just incredible.
“When you drive out to Brigadoon you step into another world, but it’s still close. It only takes 45 minutes in the morning to get to work in the city, and when the cinema is built in Ellenbrook we’ll be 15 minutes away.”
Buying their first block within a semi-rural community was something the Jones’ never imagined they could afford, and are looking forward to moving in within 12 months.  
“If we are fortunate enough to have kids we want to give them space. We’ve got five acres and I’m not entirely sure what we’re going to do with it all just yet. At least I have a hammock!” Jenny laughed.
“You can see Ellenbrook from our block and, given the level of growth there, it’s nice to know in 10 years we’ll still have lots of space here to enjoy.”
The couple recently settled on their block and are preparing plans for their architecturally-designed home – quite the tree-change from their two-bedroom rental in suburbia.
“We’ll be using a lot of timber in the home, and I’m also hoping to cast some sinks out of concrete and do some glass melting. I feel a lot of responsibility because it’s such a beautiful area and I want to give it some justice.”
They will also be paving the way to add a furry friend to the family, with a chocolate Labrador on the cards once they move in.
“It’s amazing to think that we’ve gone from 15 kilograms in our bags to a five acre property. This is it for us. We never want to move.”
Avon Ridge is located 37 kilometres from the Perth CBD, and close to major retail centres and tourist hubs including Midland and the eclectic Swan Valley. This includes convenient access to shops, schools, transport, healthcare and entertainment, dining facilities and more.
The community will ultimately be home to more than 200 households and, with record sales over the past year, around one third of the homesites have already been sold.
As the only residential development in Brigadoon, Avon Ridge has attracted interested from a variety of homebuyers looking to capitalise on the area’s city and valley views.
The quality estate has also been popular for its competitive pricing in the face of overall Brigadoon house prices, which continue to surpass the average of the City of Swan region.
Construction of Stage 2 (11 lots) has recently finished, with works recently beginning on Stage 3 (13 lots).
Available homesites are sized between 1.55 and 2.19 hectares, with priced from $359,000.
Each buyer will receive an Avon Ridge Sustainability Package which includes pre-installed fauna-friendly perimeter bespoke fencing; a water treatment and recycling system; initial internal firebreaks; and free advice from a Fire Management Consultant (up to 4 hours).
For more information, contact Clay Holt of Rural and Metro Realty on 0437 029 826, or visit the Land Sales Office between 1pm and 5pm on weekends.
Explore Avon Ridge online at