Syndicate Security

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The Peet Syndicates compliance and management regime ensures the highest standards of regulatory and ethical performance providing investors with:

  • Reassurance that Peet meets all compliance requirements and undertakes rigorous due diligence;
  • The confidence of knowing that a Peet syndicate is a single purpose vehicle whose major asset is land.
  • A simple business operating structure that keeps overheads to a minimum, preserving investor funds and profits;  
  • A Peet project team that provides project management, sales and marketing expertise, supported by external consultants including environmental specialists, engineers, landscape architects, planners and community development experts.
  • Regular communication, ensuring securityholders are kept informed about their syndicate's progress and other investment opportunities;
  • Quality results. Peet has a long and reliable record of outstanding performance on behalf of its investors. we believe that the best returns result from a commitment to quality at every stage of a syndicate's development. Find out more about Peet.
  • While the Peet Group has successfully managed many projects, there are is always the potential for risks to be associated with land development and other such investments. For more information on risks please view our Frequently Asked Questions.
Review a list of our current land syndicates or contact us for more information.