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Energy Efficient Homes

As you prepare your home plans, you might be considering ways to make it energy efficient. An energy efficient home saves you money in ongoing running costs and helps reduce your impact on the environment.

houses for saleAll new homes are required to meet Six Star Energy Efficiency standards. Your builder will be aware of these requirements and you should discuss this when choosing your home design.
Energy efficient design considerations that should be discussed with your builder or architect include:
  • building orientation
  • overall size of home and room layout
  • window placement, sizing and shading
  • use of insulation
  • ventilation
  • draught proofing
  • choice of building materials
  • use of heat absorbing building materials
  • landscaping and waterwise gardening
  • use of energy and water-efficient appliances
  • use of alternate sources of energy, for example solar hot water systems
  • use of rainwater tanks
  • storage and use of grey-water
While incorporating energy efficient design elements is easy if you are planning a custom-built home, it is also possible to include energy efficiency measures in project homes. 
Incorporating energy-wise features may even be supported by government grants and incentives.
For inspiration and ideas, Peet has homes on display at communities around Australia that encompass Housing Industry of Australia GreenSmart principles.  

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