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Land first or home design first?

home and land packages australiaYour new lifestyle is more than your house

When you choose a new homesite, you’re buying much more than your own lot – you’re investing in the entire estate with landscaped parklands, beautiful streetscapes, and more. It’s all part of the lifestyle that extends beyond your front door. 

Location, location, location

There are more “dream” home designs than there are “dream” locations – so when you’ve seen the block you want in the location you want, snap it up.

Fantastic features can fit

Every Peet estate and homesite is different.  You might be surprised to find a beautiful tree, a northerly aspect or a great view from your new homesite – a fantastic feature that you’ll want your new home design to maximise.

Play by the rules

Most estates have building covenants and guidelines to protect your investment and ensure the estate looks fabulous.  Every estate will have different rules and guidelines – and you need to know what they are and talk to your builder or architect about them before you choose a home design.

Quality land is built for homes

Experienced residential land developers like Peet Limited create estates with homesites that are perfect for a variety of home designs. Any lots that need special consideration, such as lots on a slope or with a less standard shape, are often priced very competitively and can represent excellent value.

Peet works with builders

Throughout our estates, Peet works closely with some of the country’s most awarded home builders and there are outstanding display villages at many of our estates. That means builders design homes that look great and work well on our homesites – and the very best advice is never far away.

Land value often appreciates

Property can be a good investment which, over time, may improve in value; making the best choice you can on your homesite is really important.

Size does matter

Today's home designs can be tailored to suit a variety of block sizes and shapes - and lifestyles - from easy maintenance cottage lots through to large traditional blocks. So choose a homesite that meets your needs and then select a home design that suits both your block and your lifestyle. 

You can tailor your design

When you have a fabulous homesite in a quality estate, you can set about maximising the features of that homesite in consultation with your builder. You might be able to make some individual design decisions for less than you imagine, creating a unique home that really works for you.

Quality, affordable land is available now – be quick

Property experts agree that “he who hesitates is lost” – or can at least be the loser in a property market where land often moves quickly. Lots are available in many beautifully presented estates in a variety of locations, featuring an array of natural and developed features that create a wonderful environment.  Don’t miss out.
It’s always a good idea to get specialist advice before you commit to buying land. Peet Limited’s helpful and experienced team is available at each of our estates…to help answer your questions. 

TIP: A good option for buyers (especially those new to building) is to secure a house and land package. Ask your Peet sales representative about options available in your chosen community.

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