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Waterwise Gardening

Australians use just over one third of household water on their gardens.

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In a country where water can be scarce and restrictions are usually in place, there are many ways gardeners can use water more wisely to maintain a healthy garden.

Waterwise garden design can start at the earlier stages of home design.

Plan your garden carefully

Group plants with similar water needs in specific areas. Use taller, hardier plants to protect smaller ones and use drought-resistant plants to reduce watering needs. Drought-resistant plants, like succulents, are clearly marked as such at nurseries and look modern and fresh.

Improve the soil

Good soil holds water better than poor quality soil so it’s important to prepare soil  with organic material and water-saving granuels before planting.

Mulch, mulch, mulch!

A good layer of mulch is a fantastic water saver as it reduces evaporation, discourages weed growth, prevents erosion and evens out soil temperature variations.

Water wisely

It’s best to water in the early morning or later evening when it is cooler. Make sure you stick to local watering restrictions or watering rosters.

Regular maintenance is essential

Check for leaks or problems with the irrigation system, and adjust requirements according to seasonal needs.

Use rainwater tanks

It’s a great way to store and use free water in the garden.

Grey-water tank systems

By using wastewater from the shower, laundry and kitchen or bathroom sinks, you can save water costs and inject nutrient-enhanced water into the garden or direct to your irrigation system. Your council can provide information about whether it is possible in your chosen area.

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