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Why Build a new home?

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Customised design

Building a new home allows you to design a home that suits your needs and lifestyle. You can choose everything from colours, fittings and room sizes – you’re only limited by your budget and imagination!

Part of a new community

Building a new home is a wonderful opportunity to be a part of a new community. It also means you’ll enjoy the benefits of clever design, quality landscaping, local amenities, feature parklands and of all the other benefits offered by contemporary estates.


It’s often difficult to find the right home in the right community. When you build, you can choose your land first in the area in which you want to live, and then build the home of your dreams.

Improved safety

Today’s houses are designed and built to Australian building and safety standards. Older houses often include unsafe materials such as asbestos and lead paints, which can also make renovating hazardous and expensive.

Lower costs

Older homes may not be as energy efficient as a new home, which must offer a six-star energy rating. Building a new home allows you to incorporate the latest energy efficiencies, so you can save money over time.  

Less maintenance

While it’s true that any house requires routine maintenance, older homes are likely to need more work than new houses. New homes also include the builder’s warranty and new appliances also have warranty periods.

Sales appeal

Selling a new home may be easier than selling an older one.

Stamp duty savings

Purchasing vacant land can save you money on stamp duty – and depending on the value of the land you purchase, you may not have to pay stamp duty at all. 

First home buyer bonuses

First home buyers who build a new home may be eligible for additional grants of up to $15,000.

Why Build a New Home?

It’s a big decision to build a new home. Find out why you should.

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Securing Finance

An important first step in building your dream home is securing finance.

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Industry Leadership

Peet staff are regularly invited to present at key industry events including major property and development industry conferences.

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