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Carramar Golf Course Estate

house and land perth
Carramar was once nothing more than old agricultural land – an area located beyond the urban boundary that was formerly used for market gardens and with no community infrastructure. 

Today, this thriving estate is home to some 10,200 residents and some of the most important community infrastructure in the region. 

Precinct development

The 3,200-lot design offered three distinct precincts to cater for different homebuyer aspirations and budgets, with a focus on providing affordable living within a fast-growing area of Perth.
A major contributor to the success of the estate was the development of a ‘community hub’ and the central placement of the most vital community services – a shopping centre, community centre and school – in one location.  Peet’s commitment to achieving this outcome is recognised not only by the design of the estate, but also through its provision of land at no cost to the City of Wanneroo, which built and ran a new Community Centre. This was uncommon practise at the time. Now, five years on, the connection between the Centre and local community is a strong as ever.  
Peet’s careful design of the estate also helped to establish a strong and integrated community. The road design was also developed to create quiet and ‘neighbourly’ local streets and access ways with minimal through traffic and maximum social interaction. Strong pedestrian and cycle links through a dual-use path system between residential areas, schools, public transport, shops and community areas were also a key design element, creating a more integrated community and reducing the need for car use.

World-class parkland

Before development began, considerable planning was undertaken by Peet to preserve a section of Banksia woodland, which had been identified in the early 1990s as a conservation feature of high value to the area and the local community. This area was preserved within the estate’s landmark Delamare Park area. 
Peet Limited invested more than $1 million to create Delamare Park in 2006. The 2.8 hectare park features a dual-use tennis and basketball court, play equipment, walk trails and open space as well as a fitness circuit to encourage healthy living and community interaction.  

Ground-breaking design

By integrating new engineering practices, Carramar was also the first residential estate to transition from unsightly drainage sumps that are a blight on older suburbs to instead build drainage basins into parkland areas via swales. Now widely used, this delivered a more aesthetically-pleasing outcome and created opportunities for the integration of environmentally-sustainable water management systems within the estate.  

Community partnerships

During the course of development, Peet worked with the Carramar and Tapping Residents' Association and the City of Wanneroo to run a number of events for the community, which aimed to build links both within the new community and beyond. These activities have contributed to the strong sense of community that now exists at Carramar Golf Course Estate. 
In 2009, some of Perth’s most talented aerosol artists were employed by Peet to create a 25sqm mural that complements both the medical facility and neighbouring community centre by conveying messages about healthy lifestyle and outdoor activity. The artworks also added ‘life’ to the area in a way that helps prevent unwanted graffiti and vandalism.
Community integration has remained key to Carramar’s success.  As the driving force behind the formation of the Carramar Residents’ Association, Peet established strong connections with the community – which assisted in the development and problem resolution and has also created a legacy that will continue into the future.  


Winner – City of Wanneroo, Environmental Excellence Award – Business and Industry (awarded to Carramar Golf Course Estate and Replants), 2004
Winner – Urban Development Institute of Australia, Awards for Excellence WA – Master-planned Development, 2001