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Skye Valley

Developed on former rural land, the 8.55-hectare Skye Valley estate embraces the natural environment, pays homage to local history and culture, and integrates best practice urban design.

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Importantly, the estate offered affordable homesites and a wide product range, from smaller lots for first and second homebuyers through to premium park-front lots of a larger size.  
Skye Valley has delivered exceptional opportunity for a growing population in the region.
Located in a friendly, rural-style community, Skye Valley features: 
  • natural surrounds and landscapes, including the protection of large native trees and a commitment across the estate to a net gain regime;
  • several primary and secondary schools nearby;
  • sporting clubs and facilities within a short drive;
  • easy access to public transport;
  • the premier Skye Valley Park – rated by the local council as a district-level park and comprising more than a hectare of parkland, barbecues, play equipment and a sports area; and
  • a wetland, including rain gardens.

Environmental commitment

Peet Limited invested more than $1 million into the development of Skye Valley Park at the centre of the estate. The compact, one-hectare park design includes a playground with equipment where children can complete the full equipment circuit without touching the ground, a bocce court with flanking informal stone retaining-wall seating, barbeque facilities and picnic shelter. 
Skye Valley offers innovative design, including well-planned road networks and lot development that works with the natural topography of the site. The Skye Valley design adopts a high standard of environmental management, best demonstrated by the retention of natural bushland throughout the estate and within Skye Valley Park.  
Skye Valley is also an outstanding example of best practice water management. Water sensitive design principles have been promoted and adopted across the site including stormwater management, appropriate landscaping and rain gardens constructed into the floor of retarding basins that achieved a reduction in target pollutants in line with best practice guidelines set by Melbourne Water

Local heritage

Peet was committed to an urban design that aimed to conserve, retain and restore the natural landscape and heritage values of the area.  
The design of the central parkland and streetscaping at Skye Valley draws on the site’s rural character, utilising traditional materials such as timber rail fencing yet in refined ways with attention to greater detail. 
An iconic windmill, which marked the site when development began, has also been retained as an icon in the central parkland.  Although the original windmill structure was deemed unsound, it has been replaced and forms the basis for a radiating plan of park materials and features that acknowledge the prior history of the spot.


Winner – Residential Subdivision 250 lots or fewer, Urban Development Institute of Australia (Victoria), 2011