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Hear from our residents


Renner Family

Flagstone, QLD
We just love the family, work and social life balance we have in Flagstone.Read More


The Chimes, WA
We’re both going to enjoy living at The Chimes. We like that the community isn’t too big and the plans look really good.Read More

Lawrence and Eileen

Lattitude, WA
We first saw Lattitude online and then we visited – and loved it straight away.Read More


Golden Bay, WA
I’m definitely a beach person.Read More

Brian and Maureen

Avon Ridge, WA
There’ll be trees all around and it’ll be very, very private. It’s as good as it gets.Read More


The Village at Wellard, WA
We love the village feel at Wellard. Everything we need – transport, parks, shops, the beach – is all just minutes away.Read More


Greenvale Lakes, VIC
I love the idea of living in a brand new place.Read More

Jacob and Sarah

Quarters, Vic
We’re very excited about upgrading our home and moving to Quarters. We did a lot of research in the local area.Read More


The Chimes, WA
In my first morning walk around the estate I could hear the magpies and a butcher bird singing.Read More

Doug and Judith

Lattitude, WA
Going from a large block with lots of maintenance to something smaller in a close-knit community has been perfect for us.Read More

Ian and Christine

Willandra, Vic
We are very excited with our purchase and are really looking forward to building and moving into our brand new home.Read More


Shorehaven, WA
Shorehaven has a similar feel to beachside suburbs such as Scarborough, but without the hefty price tag.Read More

Shannon and Kelli

Riverbank, QLD
Riverbank gave us all the bells and whistles and nobody else came close.Read More

Nichole and Quinn

Warner Lakes, QLD
We’ve lived very happily at Warner Lakes since 2009.Read More


The Chimes, WA
Being near the bush and the coast is one of the reasons we’ve chosen The Chimes.Read More


Lattitude, WA
We had always wanted to move here. We’ve always loved Mandurah.Read More


Cardinia Lakes VIC
We have such a wonderful lifestyle here and I would certainly recommend Cardinia Lakes to future buyers. Read More


Riverbank, QLD
For the size of land and the price, Riverbank couldn’t be beaten.Read More

Sally and Michael

Innisfail, VIC
We're happy. It's exactly what we wanted.Read More


The Chimes, WA
I’d ideally like to live away from it all. The Chimes provides a lifestyle that is both peaceful and serene.Read More


The Village at Wellard, WA
The Village at Wellard is a wonderful place to live. There are people from all different cultures and that’s a great thing.Read More

Prianka and Abhishek

Kingsford, Vic
Kingsford has a real sense of community and, for me, community matters a lot.Read More

Neville and Sue

Lattitude, WA
We wanted to move into a retirement village. With me in a wheelchair, Sue’s got enough to do without all the ‘man’ jobs outside.Read More

The Hunter family

Yanchep, WA
All of the lot sizes felt really decent and very affordable.Read More

Grant and Vicki

Yanchep, WA
Yanchep still has a country feel but it is close enough to lots of other activities and facilities.Read More

The Kilgour family

Yanchep, WA
There’s a lot going on in Yanchep – it’s more than just a great beach and nice national park.Read More

Liz and Jim

Aitken, VIC
We wanted to build on a big block that would allow us space, and in a community that was family-focused.Read More

Luke and Kathleen

Quarters, Vic
Quarters had a lot of bigger blocks to choose from - we wanted a place with a backyard.Read More

The Howrihane family

Warner Lakes, QLD
We get the opportunity to watch our community grow up around us and my kids love it.Read More

Dave and Andrea

The Village at Wellard, WA
It's a fantastic place for anyone wanting something peaceful and relaxing with gorgeous bushland scenery.Read More


The Village at Wellard, WA
It is really building as a community.Read More

Brad and Justine

Greenwood Grove, QLD
We have the sense of being in a rural setting without compromising on easy access to the town centre.Read More


The Village at Wellard, WA
It was the railway station that sealed the deal for me.Read More

Denva and Janice

Lattitude, WA
We were looking for somewhere with a friendly village atmosphere, like our previous home in the UK.Read More

Nishaaharan and Ridma

Quarters, Vic
Our friends who referred us live only a few minutes’ walk from our house, so it will be nice to have friends as neighbours.Read More


Warner Lakes, QLD
There is about ten kilometres of pathways around the lakes which is great because I like to run.Read More