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Cycling advocate Douglas Pritchard was drawn to The Village at Wellard because of the community’s fabulous location and transit-orientated design. 
“I looked at Wellard because it was close to Rockingham, had access to the city and was a planned community where cars were not the central focus,” he explained. 
“It’s a popular belief that the most important thing about real estate is location and, being in my early 70s, I wasn’t going to buck the trend!”
Originally from England, Mr Pritchard grew up close to railway stations. “It was the railway station that sealed the deal for me because I could walk or ride to the station, and the train would then take me wherever I wanted to go.
 “I’m retired and had all the time in the world to do my research before I bought, but The Village at Wellard popped up quickly on the short list.
“Part of my research was to cycle the district at different times of the day and evening, just to get a feel. Three years later, and I know I got it right.
“The Village at Wellard has real potential to grow into something special. In time there will be shops around the station and I hope it will resemble something that you’d find in Europe.”