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Dru and Krystal

Dru Bates and his fiancée Krystal Parker have found their ideal community at Flagstone but the journey to get there was tough.
Two years ago, Dru (30) was struck down by a rare disease brought on by food poisoning.
Waking up one morning semiparalysed and unable to walk, doctors discovered he had a rare autoimmune condition called Guillain-Barrè syndrome.
It was a long, slow comeback for the avid basketball player and self-confessed sports fanatic who spent almost five months in hospital while Krystal (23) battled her own health issues.
The story is set for a happy ending as the couple are currently planning a fairy tale wedding on the Gold Coast and looking forward to building on their new block of land at Flagstone next year.
“Finding Flagstone was a bit of a fluke. We visited friends in the area and that was it — we were sold!” Dru said.