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Since the very first land release less than a year ago, more than 150 homebuyers have chosen The Chimes as the ideal place to call home, including Glenn and Natalie Rush who are among those preparing to build.
As a site supervisor for a civil and earthworks contractor, Glenn literally prepares the ground for new homebuyers like himself – building retaining walls, installing drains and sewers in new communities around Perth.
Glenn, a former builder, chose The Chimes because of its location and his work, which is mainly in the southern suburbs.
“My family and I are originally from Redhill, a small village deep in the countryside of northern Ireland, about 40km south west of Belfast,” he said.
“We moved to WA for sunshine and work a few years ago. I’m not a city dweller and heavily built-up areas don’t really appeal to me, so being near the bush and the coast is one of the reasons we’ve chosen The Chimes.”
The couple, who has two adult children (Kyle and James) still living at home, is planning to build a four-bedroom, two-bathroom home at The Chimes — “a nice wee home,” as Glenn describes it!