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Grant and Vicki

Used to living on a 5 acre small holding Vicki and Grant Telfer were reluctant to compromise when it came to planning their retirement home of the future, however, Yanchep Golf Estate has ticked all the boxes in terms of delivering a sense of space while still remaining in easy reach of shops, transport links and a varied outdoor landscape.  
“It was also really important to us to find a location that would make it easier to have a lifestyle balance. Grant’s a keen golfer and loves fishing but at the moment between commitments at work and home struggles to find the time to do either.  
“Yanchep still has a country feel but it is close enough to lots of other activities and facilities such as shops, cafes, recreational facilities, and hopefully, in the future, a train line connecting it to Joondalup and Perth, to make it feel really connected. 
“What we really liked about Yanchep Golf Estate is the sense of space. Our grandchildren are used to enjoying the outdoor space when they visit and I really liked the fact that there will be plenty of parks nearby and the beach is only a few minutes’ drive away and that an important consideration. 
“The Estate’s wide roads and larger block sizes also really do make it stand out from other developments. 
“We were able to purchase a large block adjacent to the Sun City Country Club meaning that when we build our backyard will flow seamlessly onto the golf green and we’ll benefit from panoramic views over the golf course.  We really like this idea because it means we’ll get the added sense of space that we’re used to without all of the maintenance that we have now with our land.   
 “We feel really confident that Yanchep Golf Estate will offer us everything we hope for in our retirement in a number of years’ time."