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Ian Porter was born in the small town of Huntly on New Zealand’s North Island, and felt Cardinia Lakes offered a similar lifestyle – a spacious residential area close to the countryside – to what he enjoyed growing up.

The Porter family purchased a 550sqm block and built a 4-bedroom, 2-bathroom home, featuring an alfresco area, separate living area and office.

“Our initial attraction to Cardinia Lakes was a combination of its almost rural feel and the infrastructure and wetlands planned nearby,” said Ian.

“We’ve been living here for three years now and it’s been fantastic to see the all those features come to fruition.”

“The shopping centre is now open and is just 500m down the road. It’s got a Coles supermarket and lots of other stores which is a major drawcard.”

“The wetlands are a fantastic addition to the area, not just for residents, but the community as a whole. It’s a place where people can run, walk or ride. What’s even better is that the wetlands are right on our doorstep, and we walk our dog on the trails while our kids ride their bikes.”