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Ian and Christine

“Ian and I have recently gotten engaged and are very much looking forward to starting our life together. We have out-grown the current residence we are living in and are looking forward to building a new home together in an area that we both love."

We have been looking in the Melton area for a while. When we visited Willandra, we both fell in love with the vision of the estate and Peet’s track record of delivering high quality residential communities all over Australia.

"Sudha, who is the amazing sales consultant for Willandra was very helpful and knowledgeable. Sudha was genuinely interested in what we were looking for and guided us to pick the right block based on our requirements. Sudha is very patient and answered all of our questions and also helped us to understand the process involved in financing and building a brand new home.

"We are very excited with our purchase and are really looking forward to building and moving into our brand new home in Willandra.”