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From war-torn Yugoslavia, to Peet’s Shorehaven at Alkimos, Ivan Vujicic’s life has changed dramatically since migrating to Australia when he was 14 years old.
Ivan, now 35, is reluctant to relive memories of the war which made it too dangerous for his family to stay in their homeland but he is grateful for the chance of a new beginning in Australia.
“My parents looked at moving to Sydney or Brisbane,” Ivan recalls, “But after doing their research and talking to many people they decided to settle in Ocean Reef, WA.”
When they arrived, Ivan was the only family member to speak any English which he said was pretty tough for a teenager. 
Ivan always wanted to stay around Perth’s northern beaches. His parents established a commercial cleaning business and now live in Clarkson.  Their other son lives with his family in nearby Tapping.
Now a recruitment consultant, Ivan met his wife Melonie when they both worked at Centrelink. 
“I used to be her boss. We now joke how the tables have turned!” he laughed. 
Mel had also lived in the northern suburbs all her life and wanted to stay in the area. So the couple bought a block at Shorehaven at Alkimos – leaving their two eldest children living in their original house in Butler.
“We love the beach lifestyle north of the river and it was important for us to settle down close to both our extended families.
“It has been a dream of mine to explore the Alkimos shipwreck, which you can see from our new block. I am hoping to get my diving license soon after we move in so I can walk from home, down to the water and explore the wreck.
“The new foreshore development is going to be a bonus and I feel we will really enjoy the area once it is established,” he said. “It is very much like Scarborough, but new, better developed and doesn’t have such a big price tag.”