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The Village at Wellard’s range of established parklands and plenty of open space was a major drawcard for fun loving homebuyers, Aaron and Kshaan Cox.

“One of the things we love about Wellard is that there is a park on nearly every corner. We have a dog who loves to play, so the area suits us really well,” explained Kshaan.

Being able to share a laugh with friends close to home was another attraction for the pair who already has a network of close friends in the area.

“We have quite a few friends who live locally and we visit them often. They were always telling us to buy in the estate and move to Wellard – so we took the plunge and bought a block.

“One of our friends is actually looking at buying their second block in the estate, right near ours. That would be great because we love sharing a bottle of wine and playing board games together.

“We’ll be able to have game nights and walk home afterwards!”