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Zimbabwe-born UK expat Lance Maplanka feels right at home in The Village at Wellard and is looking forward to the opening of the Village Centre in November 2014.
He feels the Village Centre will add to an already diverse and interesting neighbourhood.

“The Village at Wellard is a wonderful place to live,” explained Lance. “There are people from all different cultures and that’s a great thing.

“Here in this Village Centre space, I can imagine carnival-style, community-run events that draw on that multi-cultural aspect – through music in particular. I’m actually a musician myself and it’s the perfect spot for that kind of an event.”

Community-minded Lance, who works as a youth worker for Mission Australia, is also very focused on his own family – including his wife, Siza and their two young daughters, Lisa-Rae (7) and Laura-Lyn (2).

“Siza and I didn’t want to raise our children in the UK. We just didn’t picture that kind of lifestyle for our family. We wanted somewhere completely new, with a good economy, good weather and an overall better lifestyle – and Perth met all of those criteria.

“We’d never been to WA before and didn’t even visit before we moved in 2009. We simply made a decision and took the plunge. We have no regrets. Perth’s the place to be.

“Right now, we’re renting at The Village at Wellard while we build our own home just around the corner. Construction is already at roof-level and should be in by Christmas.”