Liz and Tim

Liz and Jim Tekonopolous were looking to upsize their family home to accommodate their family of five. 
Jim, who grew up in Tullamarine, knows Melbourne’s northern suburbs quite well, and the family had their eye on several estates in the Greenvale area.
“We knew there were a lot of developments in and around the Greenvale area, but all the ones we visited felt too condensed. We wanted land to build a bigger family home,” Liz said.
“We wanted to build on a big block that would allow us space, and in a community that was family-focused.”
“We took a guided site tour, and we could actually see what Peet was envisioning at Aitken, and that was nice,” Liz explained.  “We looked at the master-plan and could see what it will be like down the track, and that’s why we decided to buy our block there.”
The family is looking forward to building a two-storey home with Carlisle Homes, and making the most of Aitken’s panoramic views.