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Nishaaharan and Ridma

Nishaaharan Easwarapadcham and Ridma Nalawatte had heard great things about Peet’s Quarters community – so much so the couple decided it was the perfect place to buy their first home. 

“We knew we wanted to buy in Melbourne’s south-east – I know the area well and we have some friends who already live in the Quarters estate,” Nishaaharan said. “They had been telling us about Quarters, so we decided to look for ourselves.”
The couple were so impressed by what Quarters has to offer, they referred another friend – who ended up buying in the estate too! 
“It will be nice to have friends close by,” Nishaaharan said. “Our friends who referred us live only a few minutes’ walk from our house, so it will be nice to have friends as neighbours.” 
“After the Sales Representative explained what Peet has envisioned for the estate and, seeing what is planned to be built around it – like the train station and schools – we decided to make it our home.”
“I really like the fact that it’s a brand new estate, so everything has been finished to a high standard. It means that there are a lot of things happening in and around the community, and it creates a bit of a buzz.”
Currently renting in Clayton, Nishaaharan and Ridma were delighted to discover that their budget stretched to a 4-bedroom 2-bathroom Metricon home. The couple is looking forward to the building commencing before the end of the year.
“The other thing that really attracted us to the estate was the fact that we could get a good block, in a good location, for good value.”
“We are excited about owning our own home, and the freedom that comes with that,” Nishaaharan explained. “I am looking forward to spending time in our new house, and taking the time to look after it.”
“I work in the CBD and usually drive in to work, but when we move to Quarters, I will be able to make use of the public transport.” Ridma, who works for Coles, is also excited about the prospect of being able to move her work closer to her new home.