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Peter Brownsdon

The Brownsdons are looking forward to starting a new chapter in their lives at The Village at Wellard, packing up their current home – and moving just metres up the road!
Peter, Denise and Ethan (6) Brownsdon lost their hearts to the village lifestyle five years ago, when the fledgling community was much smaller than it is today – and are now preparing to move into their second home in the same tight-knit community. 
The friendly, vibrant atmosphere was a strong drawcard for the Brownsdons. Peter is vice-chairman of the local Residents’ Association and keeps a watchful eye on how the community is shaping up.
“Being part of the Residents’ Association gives us more say in what is happening in our area. It is a great way to help steer and create a community feel.
“Although the community is growing quickly, you can still expect a wave from anyone walking past and everyone looks out for one another.”
There have been significant changes in the five years since the family first moved to The Village at Wellard.
“The original display centre was in place when we arrived but there was no development on the far side of the central railway station. The place has just “ballooned” since then,” said Peter, a telecommunications manager who commutes daily to Belmont.
“Growth in the district has been massive, particularly in Kwinana and surrounding areas which has gone from a shire to a town to city status in a very short time. It is really building as a community and, with all the shopping centres and landscaping around Kwinana, it is improving all the time.
“Wellard is right in the middle, and only 25 minutes to either Mandurah or the City, which we believe makes it a great future investment.”
When the opportunity came up for move to bigger home, Peter and Denise scoured the district only to find the best value in lifestyle and price was right on their very own doorstep.
“We spent a lot of time researching the market and we simply couldn’t find a similar sized block at a similar price anywhere in the area,” Peter said.
“Wellard really stood out, not just because of its price, but also because of its locality to the train station and all the other new facilities that are coming. We can’t wait.”
The Brownsdons are planning to keep a close eye on their new project. After selecting an elevated 708sqm block, they found a house design they liked and modified the floorplan to suit their needs.