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Prianka and Abhishek

“My husband and I got that homely feeling right away,” Prianka explained. “Kingsford has a real sense of community and, for me, community matters a lot.”
After doing their homework, visiting display villages and looking at different house and land combinations in their price range, the Mistrys fell for a generously sized 512sqm block in Peet's Kingsford community, and are looking forward to building their new home.
Size was something that was also important to the couple who is looking to expand their family in the not too distant future.
“We thought about the house we wanted to build and, because we hope to have children in a couple of years, we chose a house that will accommodate our future family,” Prianka said.
“There is a great Indian community in the area and, once we have children, I know I want them to grow up in this neighbourhood.”
Kingsford’s convenient location was also a major attraction for the Mistrys. There are a number of excellent schools and childcare centres close by, as well as the services and amenities on offer at the nearby Point Cook Town Centre. 
“I am a pharmacist, and I know there are several medical centres located around Kingsford. It’s nice to know that I can consider moving my job closer to my home when it’s completed,” Prianka said. 
The newly announced diamond interchange at Sneydes Road and the East Werribee Employment Precinct also appealed to the future residents.
“Abhishek works in the city, so when the proposed road works are completed, it will ease the traffic around the area considerably, and make his commute to work a lot easier,” she added.