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Ramy and Kylie

Q: When did you join Warner Lakes?
A: About five years ago, Kylie and I started looking for a place to build a home and discovered Warner Lakes. We fell in love with it, and bought a block on Swan Parade. At that stage the lakes hadn’t been fully completed, but we could see the potential.
Q: Why Warner Lakes?
A: It’s like the area is tucked away a little bit but is still near great services, schools and shops. It’s just a nice place to live.
Kylie and I have just recently had a baby girl, Alyssa, and Warner Lakes will be a definite yes for her too – there are great playgrounds and parks!
Q: What is the best thing about living at Warner Lakes?
A: Walking out of my front door! Seriously – there is a beautiful rock waterfall in the parkland opposite and it’s the first thing we see.
Q: What three words describe Warner Lakes to you?
A: Relaxing, peaceful and quiet.