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Renner Family

Having lived in Flagstone for more than two years, the Renner family is in love with the lifestyle.
They are one of the many families who have established a successful home business, bringing new services and a great sense of energy to the local economy.
Initially enticed by the large blocks, price and open space, Mindy Renner, her husband Bruce, children Josh (5) and Paige (4 months), and six pet chickens, moved to Flagstone to begin a home business.
“We just love the family, work and social life balance we have in Flagstone. Josh goes to school just down the road, and working from home means we don’t have any commuting hassles.
We have a wonderful circle of friends in Flagstone, and great neighbours, which makes life an absolute pleasure. We can count on each other.”
The sense of community extends to the many small businesses that operate locally, including the family’s computer business, SmartNet Computer Services.
“Small businesses are the hidden gems of Flagstone. It’s a very supportive environment, and when you meet other business owners they are happy to share ideas and help each other out.
We love having a family business at home. It allows us to juggle a non-sleeping baby and the school pickup, while still being professional in our work. We couldn’t ask for more.”