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Shannon Bryant-Waller and his partner Kelli Somerville gave up the chance to celebrate Dr Who’s 50th anniversary in London to buy their first home at Peet Riverbank, near Caboolture.

When it comes to having a good time, they are just a couple of big kids.

Shannon (36) has managed the hobby shop in the local shopping centre for the past 13 years. He leaves the toys at work to spend time at home with his comic books which he has been collecting since the age of 12.

Kelli (35) works in administration and casual leasing for a shopping centre in Brisbane’s northern suburbs.

“I am the real Dr Who fan,” she laughs. “Every couple of years we usually manage to save for an overseas holiday – it is one of the benefits of having cats rather than kids – but this year we invested the money in a new house instead.

“I woke up one morning and decided it was time for us to grow up. The Burpengary townhouse where we have been living for the past 10 years is too small, interest rates were really low and it seemed like the right time for us to make a move.”

Although it sounds impetuous, the couple did their homework before choosing a courtyard block at Riverbank to build their new four bedroom, two bathroom home.

“After looking all over the northern suburbs, we hit the jackpot when we came across Peet Riverbank,” said Shannon.

“We found it was much better for us to build than to buy an established home with the $15k Great Start Grant*, $15k Key Worker discount** at Riverbank and a $10,000 bonus*** from Peet for landscaping.

“Riverbank gave us all the bells and whistles and nobody else came close.”
Kelli and Shannon lost their heart to the designer Riverbank environment and friendly new community.

“Plans for the foreshore parkland look awesome and I love watching the Pelicans and all the birds,” said Kelli.

“I guess I am the tree-hugging hippy. I have planted coins under the foundations of the new house for luck and I have all my crystals ready.”

“It’s fantastic too that Riverbank offers incentives to attract key workers because they are so important to our community.”

* Eligibility criteria apply.
** Housing Affordability Fund - Eligibility criteria apply visit – www.riverbankliving.com.au/now-selling/incentives
*** Terms and conditions apply. See www.peet.com.au/top20 for details.