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There are big advantages to buying land from a developer, rather than private seller, according to home builders Caroline and Brian Howrihane, who have just moved into their third new home, this time in Peet Limited’s award-winning Warner Lakes community.
Originally from England, the couple have built two other houses in Brisbane’s northern suburbs, both on land they purchased from private sellers.
They spent a long time searching for suitable homesites before choosing Warner Lakes as the ideal location for their new four-bedroom, three-bathroom home. 
“The first block we bought in Australia required quite a bit of work due to its slope. It was an absolute headache. We had about two metres out the back and two metres at the front to level-out before we could do anything,” Caroline said.
“In a situation like that, you just never know what you’ll find until you start. It can be a problem. And in the end, the earthworks cost us an extra $20,000.”
Still convinced that building was the best way to have everything they wanted in a new house, the veteran home builders stepped into unfamiliar territory when they chose to buy into an estate.
According to Caroline, it was a decision that paid off. 
“It has been so much easier building this time because the land is ready for construction – you just rock up and build. 
“Peet has the street and services prepared before you move in so you know exactly where everything will be. And the housing covenants prevent anything drastic – like a pink house with blue spots – going up near your home.”
Caroline and Brian’s children, Danny (10) and Amy (7), together with their new border collie cross pup “Sparky”, are enjoying seeing their neighbourhood “grow up” around them with a brand-new park, playground and barbecue area immediately across the road.
“Every time you come home from work you see something new – my kids love it. When we first looked at Warner Lakes, there were no houses in our area, but within 10 months all the houses on our corner went up.”