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The Kilgour Family

Scottish-born Brian and Romaine Kilgour – with daughters Ciera, 15, and Islay, 10 – moved to Perth in 2005 after determining that Western Australia was the best suited to their lifestyle aspirations. 
“When we first started planning our move to Australia I’ll admit that I had imagined owning a homestead with a swing chair on the verandah overlooking a bit of land. We realised pretty quickly that this wasn’t quite the reality but buying in Yanchep has brought us a significant step closer to a achieving our dream home and a lifestyle that made travelling to the other side of the world well worthwhile,” Romaine said. 
“We loved Yanchep immediately. It’s so tranquil and unspoilt and has such a homely feel.  We also like the fact that thanks to the neighbouring national park and golf course it means the estate will never be completely surrounded by housing.”
“The development has also been well thought out – with lots of established trees and blocks that flow with the existing landscape which gives it real character,” Romaine added.  
Having chosen a spacious 668sqm homesite the Kilgours will benefit from ample outdoor space once their new home, a 316sqm Collier Homes design, is built - and that's a factor which was important to them when it came to building their ideal home. 
“There’s a lot going on in Yanchep – it’s more than just a great beach and nice national park,” Brian said. 
 “It’s got a good cross section in terms of community. There are babies through to grandparents, people who’ve grown up in the area as well as those who’ve moved there recently, and we really liked that.  Combine this with the fact there are local shops and cafes nearby and it makes it feel like a proper village,” he added.