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The Scheepers family

The modern design of the house and parklands appealed to the Scheepers family who have made a new life at Warner Lakes after migrating from their native South Africa.
Drikus, his wife Susan and daughter Telana moved from South Africa to Warner with their border collie Boucher – named after the famous South African wicket keeper – to take advantage of opportunities in the Queensland resource industry.
What was to be a short-term contract soon saw the family sell their home, pick up their belongings and move to Australia after tasting the great lifestyle available in Brisbane’s northern suburbs. 
Drikus said after making the move they drove through the northern suburbs to find their new sanctuary, which led them to Warner.
“We loved the area because it there was so much open space and wasn’t far from the city. I instantly knew this was the place I wanted to be,” Drikus said.
After moving into a rented property in Warner, Drikus and Susan were drawn to the stunning views of Warner Lakes, its proximity to public transport, variety of schools, and easy access to park facilities, and knew they had found a winner. 
“Warner Lakes has the general feeling of relaxation and feels so safe – which was very important to us as our teenage daughter took the dog for walks in the evenings. We also love the serenity of the water, which is why we chose a house only 100 metres from the lake.”
“Our dog loves the area too because he gets so much great exercise around the neighbourhood.”